Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aluminum MacBooks Slide On Certain Surfaces

It's not the biggest deal in the world, but the new aluminum macbooks don't stick to certain table surfaces like the old ones did. For awhile I was convinced that the rubber studs on the new macbooks were cheaper than old ones because it seemed any desk I would put my computer on, it never really stuck to the desk like the old macbook. When I got home for the holidays I put my macbook on a desk with a glass covering over it and I noticed my mac was just about as stuck to a table as a computer can get without having to actually rip it off. When on glass, the new macbooks won't slip and slide at all. I wonder if that was what Apple tested the new rubber studs on? The reason for this post is to remember to be careful with the magsafe power adapter. Although the technology has saved many of our precious macs, with the new macbooks, depending on the surface, the magsafe might not be enough. Try it out, tell me if you find other surfaces to be as sticky as glass.

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