Friday, December 26, 2008

Techno-Fat Recommends Using Rapidshare

I remember the days of Napster. Hell I remember before the days of Napster, hunting around in different AOL chatrooms looking for .GIF files, or just any MP3 I could find. In fact, in those days, you could go into a chat room and talk to an automated bot, if you typed the correct text into the chat, you would get an email with a list of files. After searching through emails that would contain a list of 100 separate MP3's or just a few movie files, you could type to the bot what you wanted, and then you would get an email with those files. Its crazy how much the game has changed. I wonder if AOL file bots are still around... this was Windows 95.

The best overall downloading experience I have had in my lifetime had to be EMule and the Edonkey network. About 4-5 years ago, EMule was awesome. I could download seriously over 50gigs  in a day, and I would just be getting started. There were sites like Sharereactor, and Shareprovider, and they must have indexed every item to ever come out. Any game, for any console, any movie, TV Show, pretty much everything, and more. Now Edokney is Edk, and is torrent based. I don't mind torrents, I downloaded Sims 4 with Torrents last night, but Torrents aren't anything to what rapidshare is, or to what EMule was. My biggest problem with torrents is that it isn't one direct download, rather its downloading parts from different users, but regardless of that, unless the settings are changed, torrents are initially set to automatically share...Enough with this P2P, its been flagged, let's move on...

The great thing about rapidshare, is if used correctly, you can cancel your cable, and download any TV show or movie that you like. Typically films do come out early, but TV shows are immediately posted after they air. Rapidshare does cost a fee, the most expensive is $10/month, but that fee goes down if you sign a longer contract. Along with the downloading privileges, you get over 100gigs of internet storage space. The best part of rapidshare is that once you join, you become part of a community, and that community is based on files. I have been sharing files since I was 8 years old carrying around Jenny McCarthy pics on a floppy, and from what I know about filesharing, Rapidshare is it. Direct downloads at blazing fast speeds, immediate arrivals, and plus the amount of shiz you will get while using rapidshare will out-way the monthly cost 10-1.

Typical Rapidshare site to find files:

Check those sites out. If you like what you see, go here to join. Note I don't work for rapidshare in any way, just a very pleased user. Also, if you want more site recommendations, I got them, and if you have some please post them. Always looking for sites I haven't come across yet.

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